The Communion of Saints

Tonight’s RCIA class was great fun! We discussed the Saints, the process of becoming a saint (step 1: you have to be dead… 🙂 and Catholic devotions in general (scapulars, rosaries, saints medals and medallions). And we played a Jeopardy-type game with the categories: popes, saints, canonization, patron saints 1, and patron saints 2. We had two teams: the “Benedictines” and the “Jesuits”, I was in the latter, and my team won. Yay!

Tonight’s leader also played a recording of the Litany of the Saints, but it was a modern version that I didn’t like quite as much as the older, Latin version:

Next week we talk about the Virgin Mary. Can’t wait!

I’m hoping to write more often now that things have calmed down after Thanksgiving. I’ve still so much to write about from the past few weeks of RCIA classes, so heads up, lots more posts coming! 🙂