Novena for my sons

Today the Novena to Saint Anne begins at one of my favorite websites, Pray More Novenas. They point out: “St. Anne is the mother of Our Lady and grandmother of Jesus. She is a very powerful intercessor!”

I’m praying for my three sons, that they find happiness and love, as they don’t seem to have luck in finding their life partners. My youngest is the age I was when I married, and neither he nor his older brothers even have steady girlfriends, let alone have married. I’ve succeeded in refraining from interfering or making recommendations or letting the boys know what my preferences may be. I’ve shown much restraint, IMO! 😀

Now, I’m taking this opportunity to pray fervently for my boys’ happiness. Saint Anne, pray for us!

Saint Anne


2 thoughts on “Novena for my sons

  1. I love praymorenovenas, my bff’s sister just married the brother of the man who runs the site. Haha small world among Catholics. I’m praying the St. Anne Novena as well for myself 🙂 I’m sure your boys will benefit from your ardent prayers!

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    • I hope your novena goes well and you receive many blessings! I sure hope my boys benefit from Saint Anne’s intercession and meet their life-partners. Otherwise, I may never see any grandchildren, at the rate they’re going! 😉

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