Divine Mercy Novena Begins Today!

The Divine Mercy Novena begins today, in anticipation of Divine Mercy Sunday April 12. Please join in, if you can!

Divine Mercy prayers

The Divine Mercy prayers have become very dear to me since becoming a Christian, perhaps due to how effective they can be in developing compassion in the one praying. You truly open yourself to being a conduit of God’s mercy praying these beautiful prayers! (And one of the lessons I took out of my first confession: I can certainly benefit from learning a lot more about God’s mercy and forgiveness! 🙂

Click here to sign up to join in praying the Divine Mercy novena.

One thought on “Divine Mercy Novena Begins Today!

  1. “I ought to pray more”. “I ought to do more exercise”. “I ought to eat healthier”. Is your inner monologue anything like this? If it is, there’s a good chance that you might be… a normal human being! I think we are all plagued with feelings of guilt and inadequacy, especially when it comes to our spiritual lives and exercise routines. However, Christ came to set us free. Free from guilt and regrets; he wants us to be joyful and light like little children, who can laugh and rejoice and feel thankful.

    Read more: https://faithandencouragement.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/has-prayer-become-a-guilty-burden/


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