The ethnic cleansing of Jesus the Jew

Very interesting article on the (IMO) disgusting trend of the past few years called “Christian Palestinianism”. Here’s a quote:

“Jesus was born of a Jewish woman in the Judean town of Bethlehem, and was given the Jewish name of ‘Yeshua,’ literally ‘Joshua.’ He was circumcised, attended synagogue services and the Temple, wore tassels, was referred to as ‘Rabbi,’ and observed the Sabbath, Passover and Sukkots. He quoted from the Hebrew bible…

“However, Christian Palestinianism has a done a great deal to undermine this. The Palestinian Jesus falsehood is a shocking return to the ‘Jesus was an Aryan’ falsehood of the Far Right or the Church-sanctioned portrayal of Jesus as a fair-skinned, blue-eyed gentile. The identicide of the Jewish Jesus is also redolent of an ancient heresy known as Gnosticism, sometimes described as a metaphysical anti-Semitism.”

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