Leave room for God’s wrath…

An interesting article about a difficult subject, What Is the Wrath of God?, by Msgr. Charles Pope. Here’s an excerpt:

Perhaps the best definition I have heard of God’s wrath is this: ‘God’s wrath is our experience of the total incompatibility of our sinful state before the Holiness of God.’ Sin and God’s holiness just don’t mix. They can’t keep company… We must be purified before we can enter the presence of God otherwise we could never tolerate His glory. We would wail and grind our teeth and turn away in horror. The wrath is the conflict between our sin and God’s holiness. God cannot and will not change, so we must be changed. Otherwise we experience wrath. But notice the experience is in us primarily and not God. God does not change; He is holy, serene; He is love.


The author makes interesting analogies to water spilled on a hot stove, “steam rising as the water flees away”, and to the light coming on in a darkened bedroom in the middle of the night:

The light is bright and I curse it! Now, mind you, the light has not changed one bit. It is still the same 100-watt bulb it was hours earlier. The light is the same; it is I who have changed. But do you know what I do? I blame the light and say, ‘That light is harsh!’

Check it out — a fascinating read! “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God.” Romans 12:19

3 thoughts on “Leave room for God’s wrath…

  1. This was an exceptional definition of the wrath of God. We must be changed. Jesus Christ didn’t die so he could leave us the same old sinners we were! No, he is a savior, and he came to save us from the wrath of God that was due us. If any man be in Christ he is a New creature. I posted about the wrath of God last week. It is humbling, but also full of hope that we can be saved from it. Thanks for sharing

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    • I like how you said in your post: “There is an urgency in returning to the living God!” Thankfully, through Christ we can do that. We can be changed through Him!
      The quote from Romans is powerful to me, reminding me not to indulge in my own anger, or vengeful thoughts, toward anyone, but to leave that to God, and rather to work on aligning my own will with Christ’s…

      God bless! _()_

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  2. Very much. We must be Christ like. Ambassadors of his kingdom. This life is not about us, but him. He is alpha and omega. The beginning and the end. There is nothing that has not been put under him. To him be glory and power forever and ever amen. So thankful I can put my confidence in him. Thanks for stopping by my site. The lord be with you in all your goings. May he direct your paths.

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