My Mary altar

We have a guest visiting for two weeks, my dear sister. So much fun to spend time with family, have great conversation, share delicious meals, explore our corner of the country with someone who doesn’t experienced this area often. I had to miss RCIA this week, sadly. But I hope to not miss any more of them. I also haven’t been able to post much, but I thought I’d upload this picture of my Mary altar, because I love it so much and wanted to share it!


My Mary altar

My Mary altar


The statue is one that my mother purchased way back at the New York World’s Fair (the same World’s Fair that I mentioned in a previous post, that my family visited when I was three and I ran towards the Pieta! 🙂 It is made of olive wood from the Holy Land. And the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe is one I found on the internet, which ended up a bit too large for any of the picture frames I have, so I taped it onto the frame instead.

I hope to create an altar to Jesus soon. At the moment I only have one picture for it, a Divine Mercy picture. I’m also hoping to paint my meditation room where I have these altars, and make the room a bit more cosy. It a beautiful little room, with a wooden floor which is perfect for prostrations, but it needs a bit of paint in a warm color instead of bare white. I so enjoy spending time in my meditation/prayer room!

8 thoughts on “My Mary altar

  1. Beautiful, I too have an altar, which is just my nightstand, which I kneel an pray at with my kids. I think it is important to have a dedicated space for prayer. I hope to one day have the privilege of having my own home where I can dedicate a special room for reading and prayer. A girl can dream 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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