Seven Great Blessings of the Rosary

In The Secret of the Rosary Saint Louis de Montfort informs us:

The Rosary recited with meditation on the mysteries brings about the following marvelous results:

  1. It gradually gives us a perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ;
  2. It purifies our souls, washing away sin;
  3. It gives us victory over all our enemies;
  4. It makes it easy for us to practice virtue;
  5. It sets us on fire with love of Our Blessed Lord;
  6. It enriches us with graces and merits;
  7. It supplies us with what is needed to pay all our debts to God and to our fellow men, and finally, it obtains all kinds of graces for us from Almighty God.

On this Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary, I’m filled with thankfulness to Our Lady and Her Rosary! It is definitely what led me back to Jesus and the Church. As I mentioned in a previous post, when I began praying to Mary I was not at all sure of my own beliefs, and very hesitant about getting back into Christianity, but she led me quickly and surely to Our Lord. For that she has all the gratitude and love I’m capable of!

Our Lady with Roses

Aside from how beautifully contemplative and worshipful the Rosary prayers are, and how undoubtedly they would lead one to Jesus since all the Mysteries are Jesus-centered, I love the Rosary because of the trust it has instilled in me. I have come to trust Our Lady’s promises, and through her, I’ve come to trust Our God and His promises.

What I’ve learned through this gradual growth in trust, is how all of this is a gift. Our lives are a gift, this beautiful world is a gift, our salvation is a gift, faith is a gift, our Father’s love is a gift. Any “graces and merits”, such as Saint Louis de Montfort mentions above, are gifts. I’m so used to trying to do it all myself (and Buddhism is definitely a “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” religion) that being showered with all these gifts is almost overwhelming.

And I now realize I can’t pull myself up by my own bootstraps. I can’t do this myself. I now feel like a child holding my Mother’s hand and just walking with her wherever she leads. I know that my own efforts didn’t get me to where I need to go, so I now trust my Mother to get me there along her path.

And I’ve found that increasingly easy to do. First she led me to her Son, and then to His Church, and all that she’s led me to has been an incredible, bountiful gift! Why she would so bless me, I don’t know. I guess because she’s our Mother and loves nothing more than the happiness of her children, which comes through bringing them to her Son…

I pray the Rosary every day, and often as part of a novena. Usually the novenas have particular requests as part of the prayers, and I do add these petitions. But I’ve found that part of this new-found trust is a ready willingness to leave this all in God’s and our Mother’s hands. Even my own personal, pressing matters, such as my children’s health, I no longer feel overwhelmed by, and find that praying the Rosary and novenas makes it easy to relinquish all my needs and worries.

If you’re not yet praying Our Lady’s Rosary, please give it a try! For me, there has been no better way to develop a childlike trust. And if you’d like to study about the Rosary, check out the book pictured in the sidebar, as well as the Popes’ encyclicals on the Rosary.

2 thoughts on “Seven Great Blessings of the Rosary

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. Like you, Our Blessed Mother has led me closer to her son through the rosary. I can feel that her beautiful heart is one with Jesus, and she is such a blessing to all of her children:-)

    May God continue to bless you,

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